As we go through this pandemic the Healthcare Ministry is being prayerful that we will all stay healthy and come out as WINNERS.

W   WATER: Drink 8 to 9 glasses water daily

 I     INSPIRATION: Worry, anxiety and fear sometimes overwhelm us but try to do something that                 inspires us daily

N     NUTRITION: Nourish your body but do not overeat because of boredom so you can stay healthy.

N     NEARER: Now we have ample time to read our Bibles and draw closer to the Lord. God's words are                                  life words, soothing and calming to our spirits and will give power to our day!

E    EXERCISE: Gyms and social sports are closed, but running, walking, gardening, raking leaves,                      washing windows and chores that are physically demanding can be beneficial.  Exercise helps to prevent                           weight gain, lowers risk of depression and improve sleep.

R   REST We are surely getting a lot these days. Important to relieve stress and rejuvenate our body.

S   SUNSHINE: Important to boost our immune system, your body's defense to fighting any virus. 10 to 15             minutes in the sun is required per the experts.

Wash your hands frequently. Maintain social distancing. Stay home. Stay vigilant. Stay prayerful. Stay healthy. Stay safe🙏💞